Christine Kapuschinsky

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Story of Christine Kapuschinsky

„Photography to me is a visual form of communication, oftentimes in evocative ways that have deeper meaning than the tangible present. Being an artist, my mind never stops trying to re-create ways that I analyze, rationalize, see and feel life. My photography is no exception. In light of this, my images have a more advantageous way of portraying in a brief moment what otherwise would take pages of writing to convey. This works out well in my case, since I’m a bit of an introvert and prefer to let my images speak for themselves. Although I don’t strictly edit in monochrome, I definitely am preferential to it because it so easily caters to the moods and emotions present when there’s no distraction of color. I’m also fascinated with how the drama and emotion of an image is exemplified by light in a monochromatic scenario. Nevertheless, there are instances where, for one reason or another, I feel an image benefits without the omission of color, so I will leave it that way. Regardless of editing style or genre, my goal is still the same- I want the viewer to look at one of my pieces in a way they had never before, in a way that evokes thoughts or feelings that they may otherwise have never encountered. I want my work to tug at the very soul.”

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