Gloria Salgado Gispert

swyk-klik/fotografia dokumentalna/fotografia reportażowa/fotografia lifestyle

Gloria Salgado Gispert pochodzi z Barcelony, ale mieszka w Zachodniej Australii. Jeśli spodoba Wam się prezentowana przez nas próbka jej twórczości, koniecznie zajrzyjcie pod ten adres: 

Gloria, es un enorme placer para todas nosotras poder verte en el Swing! Muchisimas gracias por tu colaboración! <3 „I am a 46-year-old, mother of three that always tries to live fully and intensely– at home, at work, it does not matter. Those who know me well would say that I am a passionate tiny person. Photography for me is not only something I am passionate about, it has become my obsession. My camera is the extension of my arm, the pen in my daily dairy. I photograph what is closest to me, the things that I most enjoy and this includes my family, my friends and people in general. Through my images, I not only document my daily life, I also manage to see the beauty in everyday and live the present. Photography for me is a way of living. No matter if they are my own or my friend’s, kids and teenagers are an amazing photographic subject. They simply see the world differently and are always able to express emotion. They have such an incredible sense of humour! Somebody once asked me, how I capture these emotions. The answer could be that I have become invisible for them; they simply do not see me any more. ”