Raquel Chicheri

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Story of Raquel Chicheri

RAQUEL CHICHERI. Raquel uciekła z deszczowej hiszpańskiej Galicji w cieplejsze rejony świata – na Fuerteventurę, gdzie fotografuje dzieci, zwierzęta, ulicę, fale i windsurferów. Lista jej fotograficznych osiągnięć i projektów jest długa i bogata (m.in. Zara Kids, Vogue) – zachęcam do pomyszkowania w sieci i poddania się urokowi jej słonecznych kadrów! My publikujemy na zachętę nasz subiektywny wybór i kilka słów od Autorki specjalnie dla Was: „My name is Raquel Chicheri and I am passionate about photography since I was a child, when I looked through the national geographic magazines and other specialized photography books that my father, a great photographer, had at home. With adolescence and when deciding what to study, I forgot how much I used to like photography and that it could be a profession for life, (I must say that Spanish educational system doesn’t really encourage students to find what they really love and make a profession of it ) So I studied international trade, a very boring career that had nothing to do with me, after a year working on it I realized about the big mistake I made so I began studying , again, in this case, graphic design, much more in tune with my tastes. But only when I met my boyfriend, the father of my children, I started taking pictures, in this case water sports photos, which I published in some specialized magazines for a while, but is when my youngest daughter turned 4 years old that I start taking pictures of my kids every single day as some kind of obsession. I just think that for me it is easier to communicate with images than words, so photography became an habit and some recognition came in photography social media and photography contests. Now I do a lot of commercial photography, especially children and fashion, although documentary photography is my great passion and it is always present in some way or another.”